Elevate Realty Group agents are hand-selected agents, who have chosen a different path in Real Estate.  Of course, they love selling Real Estate, but more than this, they love helping their clients in every way possible to "seal the deal".  Our company was founded on the idea that we could be better and, since 2013, it has worked!  Elevate Realty Group's market share has increased year-over-year, more than any other company.


So, how have we become such a driving force in Hood County Real Estate? We started with technology, as it has become such a significant part of Real Estate over the past several years.  Our website has become the foundation that allows us to communicate with the Real Estate world and the local market in ways that no other local company has done or can do.  As improtant as technology is, the passion to serve clients is just as important.  Our client testimonials reflect our passion and drive to exceed their expectations.  And our relationships with clients are genuine. We live, play and serve in our communities, so exceeding expectations matters!


The website is just a small part of the puzzle of getting a home sold and to the closing table.  Listed below are a few notable examples of what an agent should offer.  If a competing agent cannot, find anotherr company who can!


1) World Class Website that is truly user-friendly

2) Google Search Results 

3) Local Google, Bing, and Yahoo marketing

4) Local Paper/Print marketing (Most don't do this!)

5) Local agents who live in the listing area

6) Feedback mechanisms for both Showing and Listing activities

7) A track record of comparable sales


January, 2019 we included Property Management Services to our portfolio.  We currently manage approximately 50 individual homes in Hood County for multiple owners. Our Property Managers are Nancy Sawyer, Certified Property Manager®-Realtor® with over 30 years experience in Real Estate Property Managment and Lori Brannon, Realtor®, Leasing Agent and Maintenance Coordinator. They strive to offer exemplary customer service to both owners and residents.


When it comes to listing/leasing your home, I know there are as many different avenues to go down as there are homes for sale/lease. However, you should select a company that does EVERYTHING, not just a couple of things to get your home sold/leased.  There is no one in this market that does everything we do...period!


Randall Luna